Test Route Area – Goodmayes

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  • 17 July 2022
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Driving Test Route Area – Goodmayes

This is a snapshot of one of the test routes that are covered by the Goodmayes Driving Test Center, there are of course many routes that the DVSA driving examiners could take you on.


map driving test routes Goodmayes


The best resource though for driving test routes in Goodmayes is www.drivingtestroutes.uk and if you click on the button below it will take you directly to the Goodmayes page on the website and give you all the current routes that the DVSA use at the Goodmayes Test Centre


Goodmayes Driving Test Route Button



Not sure you want to pay for a pack of test routes then click here for a Free Goodmayes Driving Test Route

Still looking for a driving instructor click HERE to search our list of instructors in your area.

Our theory test blog is available HERE if you need more help passing it

Check out the DVSA website for all the latest information on theory and practical driving tests

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