Confused About Road Signs?

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  • 8 July 2020
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Road Sign InformationPlanning On Taking Your Theory Test Or Just Want to Brush Up On Your Knowledge of Road Signs

Confused about road signs, we have some great links for you, to teach you all about road signs, but before we give you the links here are some simple rules to remember.

There are basically three different types of road signs – signs that give orders, signs that give warnings and signs that inform.

Basic Road Sign Rules

With these rules firmly in place, it is then relatively easy to work out what the road signs are for from the image or the information written on it. However, you should also be aware of the colour of the sign as well.

Road Signs Highway Code

With this knowledge you are now ready to start familiarising yourself with the rest of the signs, there are many so try and work on the ones that are not so obvious and the rest should make sense.

There are several books available such as ‘The Highway Code’ and ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’ both of these are available from Amazon.

However, you can download a Free PDF version of “Know Your Traffic Signs” ¬†direct from website here

There’s lots of other useful information on to help you with your learning to drive just follow this link

Also take a look at our other blogs for more great information


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