Driving Instructor Guide – How to get the best out of Drive Academy

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  • 27 March 2020
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Driving Instructor Guide to Drive AcademyHey, we hope you like the feel of the website so far. We have designed this with you in mind, but also students too.

How to get the best out of Drive Academy

To make drive academy work for you we need you just to understand the concept. We want to find students to fill your diaries close to home and at times that suit you. Therefore to get the best out of Drive Academy you need to check in every few days and just update your calendar here on the website to show your availability, it’s that simple.

Ok not that simple but a lot simpler than chasing calls from students that are not available when you are. You will all get to know me after a while, I am quite straight forward and say it as it is, a prime example is calling leads from your franchise company that you know are going to be a waste of time, can be frustrating at the best of times. Well not anymore.

Getting Started

Just register your details and complete your driving instructor profile. It is 100% Free, there are no charges, when I originally set out on this I was planning to charge an annual subscription fee but I realised that’s not the way to be approaching this, especially at the moment 2020 has been a tough year and when we are not being forced to stay at home, then we are really busy playing catch up, so I know none of you want to be paying for something that isn’t obviously needed at this time. However what we do need is a great community/industry resource that we can all get involved in and that supports us and that is what Drive Academy is about I am also a driving instructor so I know that franchise fees are expensive, what I also know is that as a community we can change the way this industry works. The more sign-ups we get the bigger this community will grow and we can build this site into the go-to place for students to find you, hopefully giving you constant leads, so that you can move away from costly franchise agreements or additional advertising spends.

Using The Calendar

We have made the calendar simple to use and you can add slots throughout the day as well as showing your availability. For example, as a driving instructor, I tend to work 2-hour lessons and do 3 of them per day. My ideal day is 9 am-11 am, 11.30 am-1.30 pm and then 2 pm-4 pm. So that’s how I have set me diary up and now local students can find me and book these slots. I also work on Saturday mornings. Now I can show the specific time I am working and not have to deal with queries for times that I am not available. Hey, that’s my way of working, you however might like to show that you are available every hour of the day it is entirely flexible and up to you.

Get A Free Webpage

We have included a free webpage into the site for you to use, this is a great tool where you can upload some photos of you and your vehicle along with information about you services and also upload pictures of your student passes and there testimonials. We have set it up so that when you drop the URL (web address) into social media or a messaging app it will create a professional looking image with details about you, this is all free and won’t cost you a penny. Click here to take a look at my page

What are you waiting for? Find students with ease

My recommendation is just to jump in and start using the calendar straight away. Play around with what works for you and the features, you can’t break it so don’t worry. If you get stuck drop us a message in the contact us page and I will give you a call and we can go through it together because together we can always make things better.

Driving instructor heaven will soon be called “Drive Academy”

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