Who is Drive Academy?

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  • 27 February 2020
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Who is Drive Academy

Who is Drive Academy?

Well in a nutshell that’s me Joshua Pycroft, there’s not many of us about so if you google me you will find me, I literally am Drive Academy, it’s been my passion since early 2019 when I first started working as a driving instructor and here we are now. Here is my driving instructor page

Why Drive Academy

People have asked me why Drive Academy, it’s quite a simple answer but the reasoning maybe a little more in-depth.  The idea of Drive Academy was to make it easier for students to find a driving instructor and for driving instructors to find them, with both of them able to search and match their diaries.

As I have mentioned I am new to this industry but not to the world of fast-moving consumers and that is what most of you students are, If you are reading this and just turned 17 and looking to drive you may be at college with a busy timetable and a few free periods each week, or you may even be out working in your first job and time is limited. On the flip side of that there are hundreds of driving instructors in your local area but how do you find a driving instructor who is available when you are, most of them have busy diaries and in some cases waiting lists.

How Does It Work

Bingo! That’s why Drive Academy came to life, it is here to match your time with theirs and save yourselves hours of searching with the bonus of being able to read reviews as well as search criteria to get the type of instructor you really want. From an Instructors point of view its the perfect tool, it helps them find local students who can fit into open slots or ideally finding students who can do regular weekly slots and if it is as successful as I plan, it may well give instructors the opportunity to move away from expensive weekly franchise fees. It is very much a chicken and egg situation (students and Instructors) all good change needs catalysts and thats what I see in Drive Academy. The industry needs something to move it on, to give it a sense of community make things better for students and save instructors time and money and that is why the website is 100% Free to use for everyone.

Check back regularly on our blog posts to see updates and tips on using the site and both passing your theory test and your driving test. At Drive Academy, we want to make it as easy as possible

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Check out the DVSA website for all the latest information on theory and practical driving tests

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